Sheila Huddleston

Keep your faith and stay strong in your fight! I know the road and journey is tough but doable. I am out 18 months clear from triple negative breast cancer, stage 3a. I had routine yearly mammograms and was beyond belief when diagnosed Nov 20, 2012. I found it myself. I will tell you that prayer and a strict diet of no sugar, high fats, nothing fried and plenty of water daily I had an easier time with my treatments. I had a dose dense treatment 18 total tx. I have gone two major research hospitals for second opinions on this disease. Be assured there are numerous studies being researched right now. I am one that does not fit the profile for triple negative and do not have an inherited mutation.(bracc gene) There is an enormous amount of information complied with triple negative ,but putting it together is still in the processing phase. I pray more funding for research can speed up this process so at least we can have a targeted therapy for all of those that have this diagnosis.

There is a website which I am sure by now you have found for triple negative. The support and information gathered is helpful. I hope you will read it. Meanwhile I also found exercise, especially yoga and walking will minimize your side effects. The water, diet and exercise are the key to staying as healthy as possible during the treatment. Prayer, faith, and family will be your rock. Friends are important to help and support you and your family. You will get through this and remember it is a marathon, not a sprint

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