Becky Selby

I found a lump on my breast sometime at the first of this year. I ignored it for several months thinking it was nothing and it would go away....finally I decided to go have it checked. One day I went in for a GYN appointment and the doctor did not seem concerned she even thought it just might be an inflamed lymph node. (I have NO history of breast cancer in my family) But she said I needed a mammogram and it was scheduled for the next day. I went in for that and the radiologist actually came into the room and said it needed to be biopsied but that my "lump" was in the gray area to him...could be nothing but could be something. So then the next day I went to a surgeon and he felt it and automatically said "Oh that is most likely a cancer"....are you kidding me? I was alone and those are the words he used?? Geez...well he biopsied it and the next week I went in and he said that it was breast cancer and the lump needed to be removed. He gave me choice and I chose a lumpectomy. All this taking place the week before my oldest son was graduating from high school....a highlight for me and my family. I was scared to death but had the surgery and came through it so easily I couldn't believe it!!! I actually went to a wedding the day after. After the surgery, the doctor said that they got everything but I needed to come in the following week for the lab results. Thinking that was good news, I was not worried and ready to get on with my life. The next week he said the good news is that the cancer was not in the lymph nodes however, it was a rare, aggressive kind of cancer called triple negative and the protocol of treatment was chemotherapy and radiation. He scheduled appointments with an oncologist and a radiation oncologist. And sure enough they recommended the same treatment. I did not want to do any of that but my family encouraged me and so in June I had another surgery to have a port inserted (which was ten times worse than my lumpectomy) still is and I despise it!! I am counting the days to have it removed!!! But July 7th I started Phase 1 of chemo. The first phase is FEC once every three weeks for four times and then Taxol once a week for 12 weeks. I will have my 4th and final treatment of FEC this coming Monday 9/8 and then begin Taxol three weeks later. I will say that it is as bad as everyone says in my opinion. I lost my hair on about day 17....which was pretty much my favorite part of myself and I despise feeling sick all of the time. I went from NEVER being sick and NEVER going to a doctor to feeling yucky the majority of the time and going to a doctor weekly. I probably don't sound very positive but I really want to quit every time I go. I try to be upbeat but it is extremely difficult when I never feel like myself. My husband has been so very loving and supportive and I don't think I could go on without him but I can't wait until it is all over. I heard about your story and I thought I would look to see how you are dealing with things. Thanks for letting me share!! I am 44 years old and I live in KY. I have two sons one is 18 and goes to the University of KY and my other son is 14 and in high school. What a horrible disease this is and I truly hope a cure is found someday!!! I remind all of my friends to check their boobies!!! This is my story.....Becky Selby

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