Mireille Parker

It was weird that I got breast cancer. I was healthy (I thought) and I didn't have relevant family history of it. But at the same time that year I had been pretty down - as a homesick expat - lacking sunlight & a strong social support (in a culture where I don't speak the language on top of this), I was doing a job I didn't like & often going into the victim mode with my husband about all this & wanting to move back home. I saw this all clearly when I was diagnosed & in the months following & I knew I had to do sth to transform my life.

When I got my diagnosis, I already had been studying about the power of the mind and so I got to work on consciously creating my thoughts, affecting my emotions and raising my vibration. I didn't use traditional vocab associated with breast cancer like 'battle' & 'survive' but chose words that reflected ease like 'heal'. And I never said 'I have breast cancer' - I always referred to it as 'the lump'. It makes it more removed. Oh & also I didn't tell everyone but a select few since I didn't want to have to speak about it all the time.

In the week between diagnosis & the operation, the 3.4cm lump recorded on 2 ultra sounds from different hospitals, was then only 2.4cm. It could have been a coincidence, but I was truly doing all I could to reduce the lump & have clear lymph nodes.

As well as the lumpechtomy, I went the route of diet & exercise at first & also got energy healing work plus joined a support group. The biggest thing I've learnt was about making authentic decisions - you don't have to do what the first doctor tells you to do – get many more opnions & find a doctor you like & trust.

A big concern for me was maintaining fertility & what huge decisions I was being asked to make with only a few days allowance. I learnt to take my time, do research & go with decisions I could get behind. Because of this I ended up having radiation & tamoxifen & not chemo.

These days I am coaching other women who have been through treatment and would love to transform their fears to faith and do all they can to ACTIVELY heal - that's what I did. My advice is to do all you can with your mind & emotions to help your treatment & release the victim so you are EMPOWERED & joyful. Fill yourself up with positive stories of remissions so you keep a miraculous mindset. If it's happened before, it can happen for you too.

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