On June 7th 2014 I was scheduled for my semi annual mammogram and ultrasound. Three days before I felt a lump. No use in panicking I'll know soon enough. The spot that they had been following for 10 years started to change...I was scheduled for a biopsy on July 14th. I watched to whole thing I saw the spot dissipate. The Dr said it definitely was a cyst. 99.9% wasn't cancerous,m, but he still had to take samples from around the biopsy. A week later I get a call from my primary care physician asking me to come into the office but to bring someone with me. I've also been diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer. I've met with the surgeon as well as the oncologist. I'm having my lumpectomy on Sept 8....once I heal I'll start my chemo then radiation. The hardest part of all this for me is loosing my hair. I was told by a good friend of mine who is a breast cancer survivor to get a wig before I loose my hair. Reading Joan's story has given me a new outlook on this cancer. My hair WILL grow back...My cancer WILL be gone forever....we're in this TOGETHER. I am 68 years old my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at 83 years old..She took tomoxifin for 5 years. The cancer came back on the other breast. She had radiation for 7 weeks. She's 91 and my Idol

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