Patricia E Johnson

The word sets you back a few steps because we never think it will happen to us. I went in for my annual mammogram. Received a call to come back for additional test. Another mammogram, 5 biopsies later the diagnosis was given. due to the expertise of Dr. Rebecca Stough of Mercy's Women Center she keep saying that things do not look right. Flowing this a lumpectomy followed. Within 10 days an aggressive course was taken. - 5 biopsies, MRI, and a lumpectomy. This all lead to the inevitable, surgery. After 2 years all is going very well thanks to the quick treatment and follow up by a great team of Dr. at Mercy Hospital , Oklahoma City. We don't grumble about what we do not have, we thank God for what we do have. I have life, a wonderful family, a amazing job with hundreds of elementary children who knew, understood wht was happening and loved me through the difficult times. Every day is as good as we make it. Our days are numbered by the Lord and I am grateful that he is letting me stay here for a while longer. I am part of a support group here in the city and a care team as well.

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