Gale Keeley

My story is rather unique and as always with breast cancer very shocking. It's not really my story it's actually about My 23 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in June of 2014. As her mother naturally my first thought was why her she's somyoung why couldn't it be me. Actually my first thought how could this be true we have no family history how is this even possible. My mind was racing I couldn't even think clearly I kept thinking how could this be happening she is so young she just graduated college and landed her first job living in her own apartment in a new city far from home and her family. Well for those of you who have been lucky enough to not have experience with someone close being diagnosed with breast cancer I had no experience I realized I knew so little about breast cancer. Clearly I had my work cut out for me I needed to be my daughters advocate while guiding and helping her through this overwhelming process that takes off like a rocket into the abyss of the unknown and uncharted territory. Its a devastating diagnosis for any women let along a young adult of only 23. There are so many choices and decisions which are so much more complex for someone of 23. Besides the lack of data and statistics to support the process. As trivial as you might think it is you need to manage social media to the already complex Process. I am on a journey I could never have imagined not because I never thought it could happen to me but because I never thought it could or would happen to my daughter of 23.

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