Donna Marin


I was removing my bra, an underwire, after a very long work day. I rubbed the area that the underwire was pressing and that is when I felt it. A hard lump unlike any of the many many lumps I feel, due to my dense breasts, when doing a self exam. My doctor always told me I would know the difference and he was so right! The next day I went to see about it and things went from 0-60 in a flash. From that day on my life changed. I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma. I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Due to my hormone receptors I also had to have chemo. I have had 3 treatments so far with 9 more to go. Once that is done I will continue once every three weeks, with a single drug called Herceptin, for 9 months. It is a long and very tiring process but I will take it over the alternative. I am strong and determined and I will beat this!

The love and support I have received from family , friends and co workers has been unbelievably humbling. I GOT THIS and everyone who knows me knows it too!!

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