Suzanne Sarafin

I was diagnosed with breast cancer May 10, 2013 after a yearly mammogram. Kept getting called back for images, and biopsies. I went to Mass General in Boston and was told that I had triple negative and it had to be treated aggressively do to the aggressive nature of the cancer. I have no breast cancer in my family. I had a mastectomy in June 2013, followed by chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. For radiation alone I drove 4200 miles. The year was a challenge but in more ways a blessing. I fell in love with my husband all over again. My three daughters were my cheerleaders, cooks, cleaners and drivers. My family and friends were there every step of the way. Cancer taught me many things. I am loved so much, so deeply, by so many. Blessed beyond words. I was prayed for constantly. A day didn't pass without some kindness be it a card, gift ,meal,phone call, email etc. I was humbled beyond words. My medical team was superior. I recently finished a 12 week exercise program called LiveStrong at the YMCA. I have taken control of my health, lost a bit of weight and will run a 7 mile race next week to raise funds for breast cancer research and programs at Mass General. I am a miracle. What a difference a year makes. We have hope and I believe we have a responsibility to help others. I live on Cape Cod Mass. and we along with Long Island have the highest rates of breast cancer on the East Coast. We need to educate people and help people. We all have hope. I am blessed.

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