Sponsored Content Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in We love connecting our audience with meaningful companies, products, and services. To introduce your brand to the reader, we ask that you offer valuable and digestible content. We get far more submissions than we can accept. These Guidelines are meant to direct Joan Lunden Productions’ relationship between editorial and advertising content.

It is important that Joan Lunden Productions maintain its integrity in our editorial content and the trust of our readers. We believe that establishing, publicly displaying, and adhering to these guidelines is important to protecting the trust and transparency that should exist between a publication, its readers, and its advertisers.  

General Sponsored Content Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all sponsored content on Sponsored Content is content created or commissioned by advertisers in collaboration with Joan Lunden Productions’ marketing team.

The way we structure our sponsored content is by showcasing your product or service in a compelling and informative article for our reader. One example of this could be a thought-provoking article about why your product or service is needed in the market place. Another example could be a list of tips or recommendations that include your product or service. For more information about how to write a valuable article for, please see our guest post guidelines here.

Joan Lunden Productions will not allow any relationship with an advertiser to compromise Joan Lunden Productions’ editorial integrity or Joan Lunden’s personal brand image.

All sponsored content must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content and will be labeled “Sponsored Content.” As with all advertising, Sponsored Content does not necessarily reflect the views and choices of Joan Lunden or the Joan Lunden Productions’ editors.

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads are adequately substantiated and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines. If it comes to the attention of Joan Lunden Productions that any sponsored content, in our opinion, contains demonstrably false or unlawful content, Joan Lunden Productions will refuse or remove the article in whole or in part.

Joan Lunden Productions may exercise its discretion to refuse or remove any advertising that is inconsistent with or may tend to bring disparagement, harm to reputation, or other damage to Joan Lunden Productions’ brand.

Although Joan Lunden Productions will evaluate whether to work with advertisers on a case-by-case basis, some examples of advertising Joan Lunden Productions will not accept are the following: Advertising that Joan Lunden Productions believes to be

  • Indecent, inflammatory, vulgar, suggestive, profane, or offensive.
  • For illegal products or services, including drugs, illegal substances, or any related products or services.rail
  • Includes hateful or violent text advocating against any individual, group, or organization.
  • Representative of a personal attack against an individual, country, or organization.
  • Undermining the intellectual integrity, authority, and character of its mission and brand.

Joan Lunden Productions may reject advertising content at any time if such content is inconsistent with the policies described herein, with or without prior notice to the advertising client and regardless of whether the advertising content has been accepted or displayed within Joan Lunden Productions for any period of time.

How to Submit:

Step One: Pay a $100 non refundable fee for JLP to review your sponsored content submission using the PayPal "Buy Now" feature below. Please submit your sponsored content using the form here.

Step Two: You will receive a notification from the Joan Lunden Productions Editorial Team upon review of your sponsored content notifying you if your piece has been accepted.

Step Three: Should your sponsored content be accepted, the Joan Lunden Productions Editorial Team will discuss publication options. At this time, you will receive a PayPal invoice for the remainder of your fee (either $400 to be featured on or $800 to be featured on both and Joan Lunden’s Facebook Page).

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