It's a great honor to be part of a Health Corner, a show that has been focusing on health issues that are important to me, as well as women at any stage of their lives. My goal is to bring even more focus and attention to health concerns women share, whether they're in college, young Moms, sandwich generation or aging adults.

Health Corner, a weekly series sponsored by Walgreens, focuses on health issues important to women. Health Corner also includes real people's touching stories, medical breakthroughs from coast to coast, "Kids' Corner", about your child's mind, body and spirit, and "That Certain Something", focusing on health, style and beauty.

What's Cookin' with ChefMD® - it's culinary medicine, delicious recipes that work like medicine in your body
Coast to Coast - cutting-edge medical reports
Health Stories - real people, real lives from across America
Caregiving Heros - stories about people helping people
Kids' Corner - raising healthy, happy, well adjusted children
That Certain Something - looking great, feeling great. We're talking health and beauty